When it comes to fire alarm systems, we provide turnkey systems designs that include working with your architect, managing the permit process, installation of the system, and managing the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) inspections. We can also provide maintenance, advanced troubleshooting, and upgrade service for many different manufacturer's fire alarm system products. 


The field of fire detection has advanced to where smoke detectors and alarm devices have combined to become life-safety systems. The purpose of an automatic fire-alarm system is to detect an occurrence, alert the control panel and proper authorities, and notify the occupants to take action.

The automatic fire-detection system, like any other asset, has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. After 15 years, it is no longer considered reliable, and there may not be parts available for its repair. 

The fire-detection system today consists of an fire alarm control panel – this is the system’s brain, and it’s capable of making rapid decisions. Detection devices run the gamut, from smoke detectors and heat detectors to multi-capability detectors, which contain a number of functions in one detector. Many of the detectors manufactured today have addressable switches contained in the detector that allow the detector to tell the control panel exactly where the fire is located. The detection devices detect the presence of smoke or particles of combustion and then alert the control panel about a problem; the control panel then decides what action to take.




Prosite Systems is proud to offer Fire Lite alarms to its customers to ensure they have the best fire safety systems available on the market.

We are experts at fire detection, fire suppression, and offer the same systems and quality service as the bigger companies.


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