Cellular Data Solutions

NEW FOR 2018! Prosite Systems can now offer its customers 3G to LTE cellular solutions with affordable monthly data plans as a proud Sprint Business Partner. This is exciting news and we are happy to deliver high speed Internet connectivity to the stingiest of places. Contact us now to learn more!


Internet failover

Cellular service can be the perfect failover technology solution for small business where critical applications require Internet backup redundancy.

Adding one of these systems to each of your business locations will enhance your company’s disaster recovery plan and business continuity strategy, without the need of a additional costly dedicated circuits.

Once the system is properly installed, automatic failover is immediate saving you downtime and keeping your business connected.


Not only is this a great solution for business, it works for remote locations where there is no Internet connectivity. It can be a replacement for costly satellite Internet services that clamp down on bandwidth, and restrict monthly data, and if you are suffering with a slow DSL broadband connection, this is a viable alternative.

Now you can have an Internet connection at your hunting camp. Combined with different antennae options, we can amplify and target the nearest towers to ensure you have good Internet connectivity. It is perfect for boats and can be used as a maritime water fleet solution with its GPS technology and low voltage requirements.




Are you looking for a rapid deployment video surveillance and monitoring solution? Couple this product and service with one of our camera security systems and you can receive real time monitoring and video surveillance right to your smart device from anywhere.

Prosite Systems takes pride in providing custom solutions to law enforcement professionals and this system and service, combined with an effective camera system can be used as another tool to assist that scope of work and police officer’s efforts in protecting our communities.

Each system has the ability to be configured with dual unlocked SIM cards which are assigned a static IP address.  The dual SIM card technology allows the option to switch to a second card to avoid exceeding any monthly data caps. It is powered either through a passive PoE port or an included 12volt DC adapter. The device also provides a wireless access point to connect and manage your wireless devices.

Prosite Systems can also design a custom battery back up solution to ensure your cellular service is not interrupted by any power failures.


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