If you are considering installing an automatic gate system or need maintenance or an upgrade to your current gate controllers or accessories, Prosite Systems has installed and integrated systems old and new systems, start to finish.


Mobotix T25, available in white, silver, or black as shown.

Mobotix T25, available in white, silver, or black as shown.

From simple operation to integrated control through a camera such as the Mobotix T25 camera system and an easy to use camera application, you can trust that we have a solution for your automatic entry needs.

We have the ability to configure the system to trigger other devices  based on certain events and conditions and you can control it all from your home or when you are away. There are so many possibilities and scenarios that we have the ability to provide and accommodate to meet your requirements.


We are starting to collect photos of our work to share with visitors to our website. We are also posting images of our gate installations and other completed projects to our Facebook page

Here are some pictures of the gate systems we have installed, and you can find more photos in our Projects page.

Hardy Gate1.jpg

If you are interested in a custom gate system, you will be pleased with the quality work Prosite Systems provides. Contact us today to find out more!